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Jungaliya Gaon - Uttrakhand Culture & People

pet friendly resort Emerald Trail

Emerald Trail amongst the best resorts in Kumon. A vacation here is a much-needed breakaway from the concrete jungle. The fast-paced city life, round the clock work, chores, immersed in gadgets, television and technology leaves one isolated with very less time with your loved ones.
While the City life is one half of our lives; there is the other half which is equally important.

toursit pets in Emerald Trail

Visit Emerald Trail, one of the top Homestays in Bhimtal and discover the other half - the village life and nature’s beauty. Our villages are the main source of our farming produce. Come and explore the Jungaliya Gaon village where ET is located.

Experience the Uttarakhand culture and people, chat with the farmers working in the fields Learn the vegetable growing process.
Visit a farmer’s house learn the different breed of cows he keeps. There milking processes. The range of dairy products they produce for personal consumption. Collect eggs from the hen house. Pluck fruits from the scattered orchids producing lemons, peach, plum, pomegranate and orange. Above all appreciate the farmers’ efforts to put food in our plates despite all odds.
In the evenings the sky comes alive.


Indulge in stargazing. Show your children the formation of stars that form imaginary outlines or patterns representing animals, mythological people, creatures or even Gods. Watch the fascinating sight of shooting stars and make a wish.

An unforgettable experience that will last a life time . Visit Emerald Trail the top destination in Uttarakhand.

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