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Emerald Trail is a pet friendly property. Pets are given equal attention and care like their owners. Pets can access every inch of the wide spacious 3 acre property. The large estate, allows pet parents to be worry-free about their pets.

Certain privileges come into play when the pets visit Emerald Trail. They share the same rooms as their family members. They are provided beds and bowls. They are provided home cooked meals with special instructions that can be catered to. In case of any medical emergency (god forbid) the local vet from the government hospital is a phone call away.

Emeral Trail is Top Pet Friendly Hotels in India - Goindia.about.com

In extreme and special cases, and if your pet is friendly our staff can also babysits your pet while you go sightseeing. You can go for long quiet walks in the village with them without being worried of traffic and honks.

Like you, your pets too need to get out of the concrete jungle and noise pollution. Voted as the No1 pet friendly resort by blogger and avid traveler Sharell Cook, Emerald Trail is your next best pet-friendly resort destination.

Emerald trail
pet animals at Emerald trail

However, for the safety and security and for a wonderful pet vacation some do’s and don’ts

  • Please ensure your pets do their jobs outside the house. They are welcome to do anywhere in the property. Our field staff will ensure it is cleaned.
  • Once it starts getting dark please ensure your pets are inside the house. And, all doors of the house are shut to ensure that your pet does not wander off in the dark.There are wild animals around.

  • Same is applicable while taking them for night walks, please refrain from doing so.
  • Our staff will get the pet meal across to you. Please ensure that your pet is served by you in his bowl.
  • Please ensure your pets sleep on the beds given by our staff. In case your pet is used to sleeping with you, please carry your own bedsheets / pillow covers.
  • Please note any damages will be charged.

These small pointers, if adhered to can make your and your pet’s vacation a truly memorable one and we have many such endorsements that you can refer to on Tripadvisor.in

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