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Pet Vacation Goals met!

Best place for pets! We have 3 pooches and that is not an easy number to handle for most. Emerald Trail never says no. Gardens are fenced for freedom for pet residents of each cottage, food is great and there are no rules hanging over your head. Since market/cafes/restaurants are all at least 15 kms away, dont expect anything. Just carry your book and lie in the sun. Great food to boot along with warm and caring staff. Would recommend an upgrade on linen and over all room decor.
Date of Posting: 26 October 2017
Posted By: Vaishali D
Beautiful and Scenic

We booked a single room cottage for 2 nights. Our cottage had a huge lush green garden which was fenced all around for dogs. My husband and I stayed their along with our dogs. Both my dogs enjoyed the garden more than us and it was difficult sometimes to get them inside the room. The views from the balcony were breathtaking , we spent most of our time sitting in the balcony/patio. The room and the toilet was very basic. However, with such great views who would want to spend time in the room. The manager named Lalit was very informative and helpful. All their staff is very friendly and professional especially prakash who served us the whole time. I loved the food they served us; aloo poori for breakfast and mutton for dinner/lunch were my favorite. They have decent variety in their menu and food is super delicious. Our dogs were served their meals right on time. They look after cleanliness of the garden very well. Pet lovers must travel to this place along with their fur babies .. everyone will definitely have a gala time just like 4 of us did .. We plan to visit this place again soon !!
Date of Posting: 18 September 2017
Posted By: Shruti S
An amazing break with our dog

This was our first outstation vacation with our 4 month old golden retriever. We (my wife, son , Murphy and I ) had the best time of our life in Emerald Trail. The place is located in the hills of Jangaliya Gaon above bhim tal. The location is awesome . However , once inside the resort , for any requirement that is not met in-house , you may have to drive down the 10-12 kms to BhimTal. So , plan properly and reach ET. Good news is that once inside ET ..i wonder if you would ever like to go out for anything . The place and the cottages have been described enough in the reviews. I stayed in cottage no 5 and had complete access the the large ground adjacent.. No issues at all. Our Golden Retriever had a time of his life, running , playing doing what he wants in this completely gated property. ET almost makes you feel , that the place was meant for pets and U are welcome to come along. The food for the pets is catered for and free. Ask what u may (Other than fancy Royal Canine etc - that u must carry) and ET will provide for your pet. The place is being managed by Mr Lalit and his local staff very well and professionally. Mr Lalit is very friendly and typically exhibits the warmth of the hills. Don't expect the rooms to be fancy. They are not BUT they are very very comfortable.. The dog gets his own bed. While your dog is at play you can laze around the property, play some indoor/ outdoor/ games . Or quite simply just grab a hot cup of tea and read your favourite best seller in the gazebo. In the mornings we look our dog for long walks outside property and also manged to meet some very distinguished personalities who stay in the neighbourhood. On the whole, I would count this as the one of the best vacations I had. It was a brilliant first time trip with our puppy. We hated getting back to the .grind and heat of Delhi. The open lawns, lovely rooms , great hospitality makes us resolve to return back soon. Perfect place for family boding with Pets. Just a note..portable wifi is available on payment basis. Mobile signal may be an issue inside the cottages.. The food is normally set menu. Minor variations are possible provided the kitceh is not over loaded. The staff is more than willing to oblige any request of yours. If ordering snacks for the evening , order prior 6 PM to save the load on the kitchen staff. The food tastes like any home cooked food. Indian Menu, quite tasty. Must complement Mr Sumit Dutta for the concept and the way the property has been handled. Thank you all at ET ..:)
Date of Posting: 07 June 2017
Posted By: Partha69
Trip to ET with family in May 207

It was a fantastic experience visiting and staying at Emerald Trail, Bhimtal. The property is pristinely located with great views of mountains and forests. The staff were extremely courteous and helpful. The food was top class. And above all, our pet dog was taken care of very well. He enjoyed his freedom in the resort and also got a chance to interact and play with other pets. We would highly recommend a visit to this place for all family with pets.
Date of Posting: 03 June 2017
Posted By: Kaushik D
The Best Pet Friendly Hill Resort in North India

We stayed in Emareld Trail from 16th to 18th May'17 with our two pets. The concept of pet vacation is highly commendable since very few resorts provide such a luxury arrangement for the family as well as pets.The place is very peaceful and suitable for spending quality time with family & pets ( if any ). The staff is friendly and accommodating which really made our stay more than comfortable. In true sense, it is home away from home for spending good time with family.
Date of Posting: 20 May 2017
Posted By: SanjoyBasu
Two Memorable Days with out Dog

We were at Emarald trail for two days-18 to 20 May 2017. One thing that struck us was large fenced and gated space they was just for us and our dog. And yes it is for you only. Let me summarise the property: There are are eight rooms. Room 1,2,3,4 are in a single cottage. There is a large grass lawn all accessible to you if you are staying these rooms. The size of this lawn is almost half of a hockey ground. This is again gated and fenced. Here you also have the kids area {can be accessed by others as well}. If you are in a group of 8 or more, request for these rooms. Room 5 is a single cottage with two double beds. However the gated and fenced space available to you is less here. It is equivalent to a kitchen garden. If you do not like dogs this is the best space for you. Rooms 6 and 7 are in a single cottage. They oversee a huge lawn at two levels both accessible to you only. So the fenced and gated space for you and you dog is almost the size of a hockey ground. There is also a badminton court in this space {can be accessed by others}. This is the best space according to us for you and should suit you if you are 3-4 in number. We stayed in these rooms. Room 8 has one double bed and and has again a gated and fenced lawn area equivalent to half a hockey ground. You can also play chess, carrom, badminton, cricket, football, cards which is provided by the hotel. You can also carry your own board games. I suggest you carry a flying disk or any other fetch toy which your dog likes. The food is awesome and can be customised to your liking. There is no option other than veg or non veg. But believe me it was very very tasty. Food, tea, juice etc gets served in your room and you can have it inside your room or outside in the balcony / front yard. Please remember to keep your pets indoors after dark and when the four pet dogs of Emerald Trail are let free. This is a strict requirement. The rooms are simple, neat and clean with DTH. You get hot water 24* 7. If you are planning to come here, I suggest you come in a group and book your rooms as per your requirements. Options of rooms have been provided above. Consider few days off in Emerald trail, spending quality time with family and dog, enjoying good quality food/drinks along with some indoor and outdoor games. Do not use wifi or Internet or phone or laptop. Suggest you have a laptop and mobile free break. Hope this helps.
Date of Posting: 20 May 2017
Posted By: HD_Shewade
Peace and Nature loving

Highly recommended to all nature lovers and people who are looking for peace and personal time. Best is the service quality and home food. Everyone is very humble and polite. They have 4 dogs, 2 rabbits, 3 cows and many many trees which keep you connected with nature all the time. If you want to spend some personal and romantic time out, from your busy schedule, with your spouse - this is the destination for you !
Date of Posting: 18 May 2017
Posted By: Prateek Y
Freedom to be with dog and folks in tow!

If you want to spend a relaxing weekend or a few days away from the bustling city this is the place to go. And if you have a dog, then there can definitely be no better place! Each of the cottages has a vast ground in front of it allowing the dog to roam free and chase bees, birds and butterflies. The rooms themselves are large and designed in happy pleasant tones and each has a private space in front of them. Each has beautiful roses and/or ivy running up it making one feel like not moving out anywhere! We had our own car and were therefore able to drive around to Sattal and Mukteshwar, otherwise there seem to be hikes available near by. You could also just play board games like we did. Since the rooms are spread out the food service may or may not be as quick and on time, but this did not bother us as we were not on a particular schedule. There is also not too much variety and it is simple food. Lalit and Prakash were absolutely wonderful and took great care of us. Booking procedure was simple and Sumit and Tina reverted quickly to get things going. I would suggest that if you are not dog friendly, then do share that upfront so that you don't land up next to one, or are in one where you can have the balcony to yourself without the dogs. Elderly folks who cannot climb stairs and do not like to be picked up may find a bit of a challenge so do watch out for that. A special mention about the fact that they took great care of our dog and gave him food at no extra costs.

All in all it is a place that we will definitely be returning to again and again..
Date of Posting: 30 April 2017
Posted By: Neha B
Peaceful and serene getaway

We were coming back to stay in Emerald Trail after a year and half. It was nice to see that while a few things have changed, like the addition of new bungalows and rooms, the essence of the place, which brought us back for a second visit is intact.
The hospitality is the same... the serene peacefulness is the same. We had fallen in love with this place back in Oct 2015 and this trip just reinforced that feeling again.

Emerald Trail is located nearly 10kms above the Bhimtal Lake via a narrow road called Jungaliya Gaon road. First time travellers may get a little confused, but rest assure that once you reach the property, it will be worth it.

This is not a property for you if you are looking for the comforts of luxurious hotels. The comfort here comes from the sounds of nature, being close to nature, spending quiet time by yourselves or sitting around and having fun as a group. This is the location you want to go to get away from the hustle of modern day city life. This is the place where you go to catch up on all those books you have been meaning to read or just lay quietly in the sun and catch up on that long overdue rest or best, play with your dog on the grass.
The luxury is the peacefulness of the place.. The simple homely and delicious meals... the chance to breathe the fresh air and go on long walks down winding mountain roads.

I already can't wait to go back there again. I think I have found the perfect spot to destress.
Date of Posting: 22 April 2017
Posted By: YBNormal78
Stunning location though the services could be better

Emerald Trail is a rustic property located at Jungliyagaon, about 12 kms uphill from Bhimtal. The drive to the resort is beautiful as the density of habitation decreases with each turn and the place itself is perched upon a hilly terrace in a somewhat spooky little corner atop the town of Bhimtal. To say the property is beautiful would be an understatement- it is just about the most ideal farmhouse-like property in the hills. Spread across two terraced levels and three cottages, it is perfect for quite contemplation and introspection. The rooms, themselves, are a bit too rustic and not in a nice way. The interiors felt damp and the quilts had that musty smell of moulds, which made sleeping a tad uncomfortable. The bathroom was clean enough, though. The property is maintained a caretaker and his family, accompanied by quite a few dogs. Though the folks are nice, food options are quite limited and the timings a little too inflexible. The cook is an honest trier but I'll have to say, I've had much better Kumaoni food elsewhere (Deja Vu at neighbouring Naukuchiatal immediately springs to mind). If the owner pays a liitle more attention to the quality of service (not to take anything away from the family), this could become a regular haunt for us.
Date of Posting: 21 March 2017
Posted By: Kaustav K
Serene Location, Relaxing environment

This was my fifth visit to Emerald Trail in about eight years and I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time. This time (mid-February) we were a group of eight old friends – most of us travelling here together for the third time in the past three or four years. We had a splendid time, chatting in the sunbathed expanse of green for the better part of the day, withdrawing from the chilly outdoor into the drawing room of the bungalow in the evening, being treated to delicious meals in the dining area overlooking f forest and finally retiring to our neat and cosy rooms for the night.
I have travelled a fair bit in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh in the past 40 years (I am over 60 now) and find ET one of the best places for a holiday in terms of value for money, if I may put it that way.
Let me spell out why I like the place so much and recommend it for anyone wanting a peaceful and tranquil getaway from the stresses and strains of city life:
The Location
ET is an easy hour’s drive from Kathgodam railway station, perched nine km above Bhimtal and at a height of about 6,000 ft, close to Nainital. It has wooded greens one side, the distant hills on another and blue sky in between. There is a pine grove nearby if you’re inclined to walk.

The Estate
There is a bungalow with four bedrooms, each with an attached bathroom providing solar-powered hot water, a drawing room large enough to seat 12 or more people comfortably, a dining area which can seat eight people at a time and a kitchen. Just outside this structure at an slight elevation are two cottages – one with two double beds in a largish room and another with two independent rooms some distance away. Along with this there is a single-room unit at a lower level with a green expanse of its own.

The Staff
A caretaker-manager, a cook, three attendants and a gardener form an efficient and accommodating team to look after you. The cook is a talented young man who can make tasty home food. Not too spicy, not oily, just right. Nothing fancy, though.

Getting there
You can go by road via Moradabad and Rampur or take an overnight train from Delhi to Kathgodam or get on the Kathgodam Shatabdi which leaves New Delhi station at 6.00 am and reaches Kathgodam around 11.40 am. From there it’s about an hour’s cab ride to ET.
Date of Posting: 22 February 2017
Posted By: Debu107
Retreat to Rest, Quietude and Nature

A short drive from the bustle of Bhimtal lies the verdant hamlet of Jangaliya Gaon quietly but definitely awakening to modern development. One of its highlights is a happy retreat quaintly named Emerald Trail welcoming the seeker of rest and quiet amidst nature.
We were a group of eight old friends who took the Shatabdi express from Delhi to Kathgodam and then taxis to cover the final 1.5 hours stretch. The small staff and their menagerie of bhutia dogs and cows welcomed us and helped us to the rooms with our bags.
The retreat is spread over three levels on the side of a hill with ample lawns, the top level with two stone cottages, the main chalet - a simple colonial style brick and timber affair with four bedrooms, a living room, dining room with a view of the hills and the kitchen - occupying the middle level and the lower level with a single cottage. The living spaces are cheerfully adorned with paintings, posters and kitschy bric-a-brac and simple, functional furniture. Service is quietly and adequately efficient and the meals tasty and robust. Cellular and data connectivity is sporadic and the in-house wifi keeps pace with the overall unreliability of modern communication. Solar panels provide almost all the electrical power – the hot water for bathing is a delight. Lighting after sundown is dim and depressing, the one facility desperately crying for improvement.
The best thing to do is to while away the time taking the sun and air on the spacious lawns. Walking a kilometre or so to a truly magnificent pine grove descending to the valley below is the other great pleasure. The intrepid can always risk their lives para-gliding at nearby facilities.
In the end Emerald Trail gave us a restful sojourn away from the cares and woes of our city life.
Date of Posting: 17 February 2017
Posted By: Prithviswar
“Emerald Trail, A dream come true”

I visited ET on the 6th of December 2016. It was our anniversary and I have been looking for a place in the hills which was not too expensive, easy to drive to from Delhi and most important, Dog friendly.

I have always had this dream of travelling with my 2 boisterous, ill behaved dogs to a place with open fields and lots of sunshine. Unfortunately, there are not many pet friendly places in India and the ones which are there may have rules which untrained, silly dogs might not pay two hoots to. However, Emerald Trail came as a breath of fresh air. They have fenced cottages which meant I could leave my dogs unleashed without worrying about them running away. The place provided food for my pets. Whatever the diet of your pet is, they will gladly provide it. They also have beds for your pets.

The cottages are very clean, bathroom is very clean. You get hot water continuously. The care taker cleans your room everyday and makes your bed.

The food is home cooked and is delicious. You can choose between veg and non-veg and between eggs, chicken and mutton or all. We got chicken for lunch, mutton for dinner and eggs for breakfast. Our dogs were given rice and chicken soup with vegetables and roti.

The property also is well maintained and very clean. It gets ample sunshine and just 6-8 hours drive from Delhi (depends what time you start)

The roads are also well maintained near the property. There are paragliding options near it and some decent cafes about 10 kms drivable distance. Its away from crowded places and general loud populated areas yet close to civilisation in terms of distance from markets and shops. The room had a TV with cable connection. Phone signals were working fine too.

The biggest strength of this place is the staff which works very hard to keep you comfortable. They are very courteous and helpful. Its a place near the forest and away from habitation yet they managed to set up a candle light dinner at their gazebo and gave us wild roses (since there isn't any florists available) for our anniversary.

The only drawback this place has is that its not wheelchair friendly and may not be suitable for toddlers unless you want to keep a watch on them all the time.

Big kids however will enjoy since there is a play area too with swings and slides.
Date of Posting: 18 December 2016
Posted By: Snighda0102
'Brilliant time at Emerald Trail' Emerald Trail is among the best places to stay at for people with pets. Pretty views, simple yet lovely rooms, warm and very friendly staff and the food is home cooked and amazing. The resort sits on a turn and has a brilliant view of the valley. We discovered Emerald Trail on the internet and also had this recommended to us by a friend and liked what we read and heard. We spoke with the proprietor and liked what we heard about the property. We have 3 big dogs and a cat hence were recommended the standalone cottage with a fenced off garden. The approach to Bhimtal is mostly great expect for one batch before Rampur(I think) which is quite terrible. The approach to the resort is great and parking is not an issue. The very friendly staff helped us with our luggage, seemed comfortable around our dogs yet were smart enough to check with us if they should handle them, so we knew the staff had experience around dogs. Our cottage was spacious, simple (thank god, so we knew that the dogs wouldn't do any damage) and had a very cozy sit out area with a nice fenced off area attached to the cottage. Our dogs loved it plus they can do their business anywhere in the property except for inside the room so you don't have worry about walking the dogs. You can actually walk them when you feel like taking a walk. One of the coolest things was the resorts attitude towards dogs; staff were friendly towards them, there are massive open spaces in case you want your dogs to run or play, they give you great, fresh food for the dogs and ours loved it. The rooms don't have room service, they are clean, nice and warm. We had a great sit out area outsides ours and we pretty much spent most of our 3 days enjoying the view there. The meal timings are fixed and there is a fixed menu however the food is fresh, home cooked, plenty and very well done. We had our meals delivered to our room however they also have these very simple gazebos where you can have your meals. Quite stunning at night when they switch on the fairy lights and during the rain and mist. The resort also has a central cottage and 2 other stand alone cottages which is why it could be a brilliant venue for the great extended Indian family or private functions where you might be the only couple with pets. To summarize we have already planned and booked our next 2 holidays at Emerald Resort and would recommend it to anyone who would like to find a place within driving distance from Delhi where they can go with their pets and/or their entire family.
Date of Posting: 23 September 2016
Posted By: RohinNadir
'Great view, but very far from Bhimtal....' We visited in march 2016.. We are 3 couples... First of all it is very far from Bhimtal too.. It is around 15 to 18 km away you have to move upside... in nights when you go up from Bhimtal there is no signboard to reach there.... It is not recommended at all for night travelers... as you can reach somewhere else as there is no sign board... local people also don't know about so much.. and also who believe in GPS to reach this place will not able to reach there... Now about place, it is at a great location... many sports you can play there... but rooms are small, bathrooms are very very small.. Food is also ok type.. you have to eat that food as there is no alternative there.... if you have a pet especially dog it is highly recommended but if you want to stay at this location and want to go nainital from this place it is not recommended.. as we have done same thing.. we have suffered from this.. around 2 hrs wasted up and down... So only pet lovers can book this. Not for family/couples."
Date of Posting: 26 August 2016
Posted By: AmitSinghal1986
'Relaxed' Was there with friend in the summer of 2015. The rooms are very comfortable and big. Staff always eager to assist and serve you. Huge lawns and play make it family and kids friendly. Although the owner was not there, but he ensured that we are well taken care of. The drive from Bhimtal to Emerald Trail is awesome. Would definitely recommend this property.
Date of Posting: 04 July 2016
Posted By: Dkotru
'A relaxed and fun-filled trip with my puppies' We just returned from Emerald Trail after a refreshing 5 day holiday. The location is beautiful, scenic and a great place to unwind with your dogs by your side. There is ample running space and nature that our pups usually miss out on living in the city. The rooms are equipped with basic amenities and are sufficiently comfortable. The food is homely, fresh and delicious. The staff is courteous and amicable. You will hopefully get to meet many other families with pooches. They also have 4 beautiful dogs of their own! We stayed at the main cottage in which you may have a neighbour in the adjacent rooms. The next time I book I will surely try more in advance and book the single cottages that have your own private space and lawns. As I have two puppies I did find it a bit difficult to control them from attempting to play with the neighbours who weren't so excited about them! Much thanks to Sumith who took my booking on such short notice though and ensured I'd have a nice holiday!
Date of Posting: 19 June 2016
Posted By: NehaMalhotra4
'Excellent experience for the family along with the pet' My family spent three nights in Emerald Trail along with my pet. Our stay was comfortable and awesome. The cottage we stayed in, lawns and the whole property is beautiful and well maintained. The food was good and having the food in the lawns was a great experience. The staff is courteous and well trained especially I cannot forget the sweet smile of Mrs. Lalit and her sweet little daughter. We all had a great time because my pet was getting VIP treatment. The birds woke us up in the morning and crickets sung lullaby. The time spent in the hammock listening and watching rare and lovely birds is amazingly unforgettable. We would love to visit the property again and again. A big thank you to Mr. Dutta and Mr. Lalit and staff for making our stay comfortable and unforgettable.
Date of Posting: 17 June 2016
Posted By: Neelima S
'Very peaceful, good for adventure activities' Rooms are very comfortable. Staff is good. We enjoyed fresh plums there. But it is 10 km from Bhimtal, which make it little difficult for frequent trip. It is good if you have your own taxi. Bathrooms are average. Food is also good. A good property for nature lovers.
Date of Posting: 13 June 2016
Posted By: Vivek T
'Excellent Place' We had been with our pet on June 6th for 2 days. The place is excellent, very courteous staff and excellent hospitality. One of the best places to stay with your pet. I definitely would recommend it to others. The moment you enter the place, your tiredness vanishes and one wishes one could stay for long.
Date of Posting: 12 June 2016
Posted By: Renuka70
'ON THE WAY TO MY JOURNEY' We (14 members of 4 Families) were on the way to our onward journey to some other nearby destination, but we had to stay back for a Day(Monday 23rd May -2016) and Night. Fortunately I got the reference to this Guest House from my Friend who also had the beautiful experience at this place earlier. Everything is good at this place which includes ROOMS, HOT WATER, FOOD, PLAYGROUND (in which I(we) have played the Cricket after a gap of almost 25 Years(very funny experience) with all the families. Also they got the cattles of their own from which they get milk I believe(didn't confirm with the manager there) and a Beautiful LIBRARY too available. I strongly recommend this to anyone who wish to go to HIMALAYAS around Nainital. Thanks Duttaji and Lalit Mohan(Manager)
Date of Posting: 09 June 2016
Posted By: Evijay1968
'Emerald Trail' Room very comfortable, roomy airy unlike any hotel / resort room. Very basic with no clutter. Great View. The dogs were ecstatic with the running around. The walk around the property was great. The staff went the extra mile to make the stay comfortable!! Decent food!!
Date of Posting: 06 June 2016
Posted By: Udai B
Wonderful place - kids want to go every year!
Recently visited the place with my kids - 14 and 10 - who are on-line virtually every waking hour. Was unsure how they'd connect to nature when not connected - pun intended! But much to my delight, they loved the property, and enjoyed the laid back life for three days, without a murmur. We had great walks around the several paths that cross-cross the road, the boys in the property were game to guide us. Much to my delight, both agreed that we needed to take such a break every now and then
Date of Posting: 21 April 2016
Posted By: rajbanerji
Paradise for your pet.
This is the first time we took our pet on a holiday with lots of apprehensions.but the place was amazing ,lots of open space for the labrador we had with us( since we had a personal space in front of our twin cottages).place is very peaceful with a good polite staff. Inspite of holi days with a little staff shortage the services provided were very good. prakash our attendant was very helpful.we a good experience of parasailing from a peak summit and stayed in the air almost 20 min at times above the eagles.
just 2 suggestions
1 we had a tough time leaving our dog behind since the attendants were not very comfortable with having the pet alone.
2 few more activities should be added since the bicycles also were without gears and i guess tough for mountain track.
thanks for a wonderful holiday.
Date of Posting: 16 April 2016
Posted By: rakesh62
Memorable Family stay!!
The idea of our getaway was to gather all family members from different parts of North-India and relax and enjoy the togetherness. Emerald Trail offered exactly what was needed. One of the family members booked this resort for the long Holi weekend and to others the place was an amazing surprise. We were 23 in number and booked almost whole of the property (7 rooms) with just one cottage left for one other travelling couple. The place is definitely a gem in the valley of Bhimtal.
Situated on higher peaks of Bhimtal lake valley (30-40 mins drive), it is quiet and undisturbed. Property has a rustic home-stay kind of appeal and not any luxurious hotel which made the family trip more memorable as everybody connected and enjoyed it as if it was their own family farm house. We used the common room, dinning space as family casinos (poker and teen patti) during day and as disco in evenings. Outside green terraces offered light strolls and group photographs in daytime and bone-fires with drinks and music in evenings.
Property is managed by Mr.Lalit and his family who were all soft spoken, helpful and smiling. Whole resort is eco-friendly. Only solar energy is used, milk comes from 3 pet cows and vegetables are grown on site. For the first time I got to see milking of cow with my eyes, though couldn't dare to do it myself. Lol!! If you are from metro cities and have kids this could be a nice getaway where kids can get to see where their food comes from.
Most of the reviews I read about this property before bookings only mentioned how friendly it is for pets. Though it is the USP of this resort, but I would recommend this place even if you do not have pets and want to just relax.
Date of Posting: 30 March 2016
Posted By: G_Bhoomika
Excellent holiday!!
Emerald Trail is everything a pet parent can ask for- huge property, comfortable rooms, plenty of open space and great food! We traveled with our two dogs and they probably enjoyed it more than we did- mission accomplished!
This place is located in Jungaliyagaon, which is a 30 minutes drive uphill from Bhimtal Lake. Very easy to locate and the manager Lalit Mohan, ensures that he stations someone at the road outside the homestay to flag down your car. We did a road trip from Gurgaon and believe me, it's an absolute delight to drive on NH24. With breaks, it took us about 9 hours since we had to ensure the dogs get to stretch their legs as well.
A friendly staff welcomes you and the check-in is flawless and quick. Our rooms were on the upper level of the property- big, spacious and tastefully done. They provide beds for the dogs as well and in case your pets are accustomed to sleeping on the bed with you, please ensure you carry extra sheets. A very fair ask I must say. Luckily, we had the place to ourselves that weekend since there weren't any other guests. What more could we have asked for?! Our dogs went wild roaming, running and just exploring the place thoroughly, They probably explored more than we did!
The owner, Sumith Dutta, stays in Mumbai but he has an extremely competent set of people who ensure smooth running of the place. The food is to die for! Fresh and organic, we reaped the benefits of being the only guests and hence could set our own menu. Otherwise, it's the manager who decides but either ways, you're in for a feast! The dogs had their own royal spread which is inclusive in the room tariff.
Overall, we had an extremely relaxing and delightful stay at Emerald Trail. Would I recommend it to other pet owners? Absolutely! Go right ahead!
Date of Posting: 25 March 2016
Posted By: Arunima S
Good for people.Good for pets.
I stayed for 2 days with my dog. We had a thoroughly restful stay and we will return soon!
The drive from Delhi is very do-able, thanks to Bypasses all the way till the road to Rampur. Directions given to me by Mr Dutta and Mr Lalit were to the point.
We were made comfortable right away. Doggie got to eat even before I did, and he relished the meal. My dinner was tasty and we were both rested in no time.
The staff - Prakash was our guy - I found to be efficient. polite and easy to speak to.
The living space is large, clean and comfortable, though a little cold away from the heater and the quilt, at night!
Food is good Pahadi food, with veggies grown at home.
TV is there - mainly Hindi Channels. No net. Phone signal is good.

There is plenty to do - walk down towards Bhimtal, watching the birds on the way - Magpies, Tits, Woodpeckers, Thrushes.
There is space to play badminton and a bit of football within the property.
There is paragliding though I didn't go for it.

There is the silence of the hills around, which is what one needs.
Good for an individual or a group or a family, especially with dogs!

There is a fair bit of construction going on a little further down the road - one hopes that they will not disturb the tranquillity of this liitle village.
Date of Posting: 06 February 2016
Posted By: niltaavaa
Perfect get-away.
Pet owners be warned,not just your family but your pet is going to fall in love with the place. We went to ET from Delhi to escape the hustle bustle and crazy heat and in turn we got a beautiful stay, good food with nature at its best. Tucked away about 20 minutes ahead of Bhimtal is this amazing property on top of a hill. They cook good Indian food, and even grow whatever they cook. The property is vast and the weather was just awesome even when it was 47 degrees in Delhi. Our pet dog had a great time and we had the trip of a lifetime. The staff was amazingly cooperative specially when it came to our dog. We hope to go back soon and make this our early vacation.
Date of Posting: 17 June 2014
Posted By: Nikita B
Exceptionally Wonderful Experience!
When we decided our family holiday dates, I started looking for a place which was not only people friendly but more importantly, animal friendly. We are extremely happy to say that Emerald Trail far exceeded our expectations! The beautiful (and unspoilt nature) open spaces, the peace and tranquility, the exclusivity of the place all added to the `real’ holiday that we were hoping for. We were in a separate section of the beautiful bungalow which had a common living room and a very airy and bright dining room. The facility is well looked after by the very efficient and caring staff. Our special tastes and needs were particularly taken care of by them. It gave us a feeling of a beautiful home away from home… My father was particularly happy with all the facilities.
Another exceptional feature of Emerald Trail is their four beautiful dogs, all of whom are just adorable! Rusi (female dog) and her children- Piya, Ringo and Mini are very friendly and would hang around with us and our pet most of the time. Our dog had a special bed, provided by the resort, free of charge.
The food is made from fresh (organic!) vegetables growing in the kitchen garden; the milk came from the cows at the resort…..a perfect setting for a fresh country-side holiday with family.
I think this place is great for a family holiday with young children and pets alike.
We stayed here for three nights … and were sad leaving the place. But promised Rusi and gang to return soon!
A big Thank You to Sumith, Lalit and all others for making this a memorable holiday for our family…Our dog, Sonu, joins in to say thanks…!
Date of Posting: 01 June 2014
Posted By: mamttaa_rs
Long Weekend.
A super fantastic home away from home holiday for the entire family with our dog who in my view had the best time of his life gamboling about in verdant green gardens and crisp fresh air. We intend to come here more often for times to come. Kudos to Sumith and his team for their fabulous hospitality.
Date of Posting: 07 January 2014
Posted By: troy2904


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