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The Emerald Trail was conceived and created as a sustainable habitat in the village and is fully committed to it. The surround ambience has been retained keeping in mind the topography of that region. The construction materials used for the cottages have been locally sourced and constructed with the help of local artisans.
There are different categories of accommodation suited for all guests. Each of the residences have a lawn / garden area which is fenced and gated, giving the exclusivity to your stay as you would have in your own holiday home.

Emerald trail The Villa

The Villa

The Villa is a plush bungalow overlooking the gigantic Kumaon mountains. This villa is best suited for large groups & families where all can enjoy under one roof.

It has 4 bedrooms with attached bath. The living room is a comfortable sitting area, includes a library with books suited for all needs. There is a separate dining cum TV area as well.

The Family Cottage

The Family Cottage is ideal for a family of 4 to 6 members. Made of local stone, the material helps in retaining heat during winters and maintains cool temperatures internally during summers.

The cottage has a large room with 2 double beds, adequate seating arrangement and an attached verandah for cozy sit-outs. The sprawled garden has an out-door dining area as well.

Emerald trail

Emerald trail Twin Cottages

Twin Cottages

Twin Cottages are 2 single room cottages located next to each other with a common verandah and outdoor dining area.

Made of local stone, the interiors are tastefully done with the famous Mario Miranda’s sketches adding the extra charm to your stay.

Valley View Cottage

Valley View Cottage is a single room cottage that overlooks the gigantic Kumaon valley. It has its own sit-out porch.

Attached to this single room cottage is a lawn area, fully fenced with a gazebo & swing of its own.

Emerald trail Valley View Cottage

Emerald trail Forest Frontier Cottage

Forest Frontier Cottage

Forest Frontier Cottage has a bit of modernity in their interiors.

Its backdrop is the thick forest with its tall trees providing the natural shelter for the rooms, keeping it cool during the summers. The Forest Frontier Cottages’ lawn area is sprawled.

One can walk up to the orchards or even laze in the attached gazebo.

Emerald Trail is perched in the enchanting surroundings of Jungaliagaon, a small village located 7000 ft above sea level and 9 kms uphill from Bhimtal.
A premium destination for holidays in Nainital, Emerald Trail gives the perfect taste of rural tourism with luxurious surroundings for a peaceful holiday in Uttarakhand.

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