A Great Holidaying Experience At A Resort/Hotel in Nanital

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Plan for a refreshing holiday to the land of eternal beauty and peace. Nainital, a destination in Uttarakhand, is the most favored place for tourists who love the pollution free atmosphere and refreshing landscapes. This pace is encompassed with many tourist attractions, adventurous activities, picnic spots, hotels/resorts, and the delicious local cuisine.

Plan your visit to this Himalayan destination keeping in mind to select the right hotels or resorts for a comfortable stay. Nainital hotels and resorts are places where you can expect the best values for your money. The stays, just like any other city or destination, are graded according to the facilities and amenities they provide. While the rooms of a luxury hotel are spacious, well decorated and with a westernized attached bath, a budget room may be a smaller version, of a luxury room, with numbered furniture and a bath. The stays are designed with the right choice of furniture and amenities that are required for relaxation.

Some hotels offer various services like the library, gym, spa, indoor game room, yoga center, antique shop and a library having books that can enlighten you about the culture and tradition of Uttarakhand.  The hotel’s multi-cuisine restaurant serves the best culinary delights cooked by renowned chefs. These hotels have a bar where you can sip our favorite alcoholic beverage.

Resorts in Nainital are found lurking in the midst of nature away from the city. These resorts are either a single structure or multiple cottages, built over a vast land in a pollution-free environment. The pride of this place is the tranquility, Himalayan ranges, the gurgling streams, green stretches, the lakes, and the gracious service. Stylishly designed rooms with attached bath, having all the essential amenities, amplifies the satisfaction of the guests. The restaurant of a resort caters to the taste of the guest serving Chinese, Mughlai, Indian and Continental spread. Local cuisine is also served.

Most of the resorts have a fitness center, facilities for Indoor & Outdoor games such as Archery, Carom, Badminton, Football, and Basketball.

Some of the Nainital hotel and resort is pet friendly. Guests are welcomed to live with their mutes, in the rooms, free of charge or for extra rent. To avoid disappointment, pre-book your room, at a hotel or a resort, to save time and money.

Nainital is an ideal destination for tourists wanting a change from the harsh city life.